Were into July now - catch up stuff

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Ready to dispense sage advice

Ready to dispense sage advice

June 22nd
Wild and intense play time tonight.

June 25th
Pua's mommy)Ori decided to sleep in the hammock last night. Aurora was in the closet but eventually went to join her. I kidnapped the nest house to wash after Pua gets up, that thing's nasty. I put a pillow with a blanket up there for now, in case they go back before I get it done.

Mom was gone this evening when I woke. I missed her so much, I just nibbled at my ants. I ate my ketchup and tomatoes though. Those are irresistible. I needed lots of snuggles, hugs, pokes and love to make up for her being gone.

Mom was relieved Aurora didn't go on a rampage due to not having ice cold soup. Guess she was happy with the pillow and blanket in the closet 'cuz she move back there.

June 26th
Wink Wink
Wink wink

Hey watch your claws
Hey watch your claws

Checking out the wall
Checking out the wall

Ori relaxing on mom's back
Ori relaxing on mom's back

Sun Halo
Sun Halo

June 27th(Pua's mommy) Ori was out playing with the log on the cage so I snatched her to say hi to the family and explore the house a bit. She wasn't thrilled but she's old enough to start getting used to being held more. I have handled her just not enough it seems. It's situational though. She's fine if I pick her up and even carry her around when she's out with mom but not if I pick her up when she's out alone.
She's used to me she'll climb on my head and lick me all over. She just don't like being picked up when out alone but I'll do that more. Maybe try giving her a treat while holding her would work. That worked good. "OMG NOOO it's got me, ahhhh, oh hey, cheese" instant relaxation.
It's an instinctive fear of being picked up since in the wild only way that happens is predators.

June 28th

Went to the window but I heard a scary monster and ran back to my room. Played with mom for awhile though so that was fun.

Pua's hooked claws are good for something
Pua's hooked claws are good for something

Aurora's spit guard
Aurora's spit guard
I decided Aurora needed a back splash as I didn't want to keep scrubbing anteater food splashes off the wall.

Video reference: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZADrB9O73s

Aurora gets a spit guard

Helping clean up
Helping clean up
She does try to help out by licking the splatters after but that just makes things worse.

June 29th
(Pua's mommy)Holding Ori I'd say she has the physique of a bulky little badger. She's a round ball of pure muscle.
Though a friend has said she is um has a more rounded figure than any of her babies.
Ori was in the closet nest with Aurora and started chirping. I went to check in case mom was squishing her but they both just looked at me like "What?" Guess Ori had a bad dream. All is quiet now.
OMG I just caught Aurora in the act... She was eating food that was not ice cold. Maybe she was desperate but didn't want to come out.

Blue cheese grape seed oil sauce. My tongue can't move fast enough. Yummy!

(Pua's mommy)Pua already went to bed and I'm still up. Guess it really is summer

June 30th

I went grubbing in the yard but then I got startled in the compost and coughed. Mom over reacted and brought me in *sigh*

July 1st
Jake visits Pua
Jake visits Pua

Jake visiting Pua

He likes to come spy on her

It was a long day
It was a long day

The queen is ready to see you now
The queen is ready to see you now

Ori Cinco conquers the cage
Ori cinco concors the cage

Peek a boo
Peek a boo

Ori Cinco Tamandua conquers the cage

She now goes in and out on her own. She used to wander in or go in with mom and not be able to find her way out.

July 6th
Ori played with me(Pua's mommy). Seems she inherited some of her mom's simple nature. I played with her as a wee babe in the blue house so it's cool for her to play with me in the little blue house. I gave that back tonight after washing. But it's not cool to play with me on any other bed or any where else.

Ori Cinco playing on the clothes
Ori Cinco playing on the clothes

July 7th Aurora is a wall picker and picks holes in the dry wall. Tried hot pepper but didn't help and Ori seemed to like it. Aurora didn't like horseradish but Ori loved it, lol. They don't like neem oil but it seems to only last a few days after application. Aurora is worse than her child. Ori is pretty happy to claw at her log now. Aurora now just picks at her favorite holes already made.

July 9th

I kept begging mom but she wouldn't listen so I spilt my vinegar. Yeah vinegar bath!

Napping on the sink faucets. I like to do that sometimes.

July 10th
(Pua's mommy)Ori Cincco is 10.5 pounds and mad I was holding her without a treat. She was good for bit but then realized I didn't have a treat. Oh naughty me.
Ori just pooped and her mom watched and sniffed as it came out. Gotta keep tabs on her baby's health.
The cage tray got knocked down. Putting it back scared them out of the hammock. Ori is now back on her own though. She's hyper. Aurora had her down for awhile but didn't brave taking her past the playpen.

Ori in the little hammock
Ori in the little hammock

Ori Cinco Tamandua in hammock

Ori hanging out in the baby hammock

Ori Cinco Tamandua gets hyper

Ori Cinco & Aurora play.

Ori Tamandua plays with me a little

First time she was willing outside of the closet nest house.

July 10th still
(Pua's mommy) Trained Aurora that tapping means food to well. She wouldn't touch her food till I did the tapping.

Sniffed the window, played, walked outside, but I want another birthday feast. Wheres my mangoes and avocados? I demand more treats but mom's ignoring me.

July 11th
Ugh Laundry day, stuck in my hammock and Ori Cinco is making so much noise playing.

I'm moody and don't know what to do. I've got my period again. I keep begging but it's all the same old stuff. I want avocado. It's like anteater chocolate.

I wanted to leave my mark but mom said no peeing in the back room. What, who's making up these crazy rules?

(Pua's mommy)Aurora was being extra jumpy today. She just pooped. I guess that was the reason.

July 12th
I much prefer cherry tomatoes over the grape tomatoes.

It's rainy and cold out. What happened to summer?

I went out anyway since it's not that cold and I like rain it makes me hyper. It was just sprinkling at the time and I climbed in the dogwood. But the dog across the street started barking then fighting each other so I came down quick and ran back inside.

Raccoon in cherry tree
Raccoon in cherry tree
two young raccoons were raiding the cherry tree while Pua was at her window. I couldn't see them but knew they were there. I used the preflash then would snap when I saw eye shine. I managed to get one good picture and this is it.

July 13th
Mom brought Ori to see me but she growled at me when I tried to say hi. Guess that's gonna take some time. Aurora should bring her to visit me more.

Ori got brave and came down and explored some of the lower shelves last night. Mom gave her a tomato to encourage this outgoing behavior.

Up at 8, Played a bit, window time, yard, climbed the tree, and now to bed early(my summer schedule).

Ori Cinco in the blue house