Aurora had her baby

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Just before 11 last night I heard the first squeals. Aurora had her baby.

Gender unknown for now. Born eyes and ears closed but shortly eyes and ears opened up.

He/she had a good set of lungs on it. Quieted down after a bit.

Mom is doing a good job. Read the instinct is to squeal if not on mom so she comes to get it. Still hear a squeal now and then but she keeps baby close.

Aurora's baby

Aurora's baby

Aurora's baby

New Born Baby Tamandua

Hyzzie is whining in the background afraid something is wrong. She thinks she's house nurse.

Aurora's baby
You can see an ear

New born baby tamandua 2

Not much of him/her this time but you get some of his face and see the ears have opened up

Pua sitting quietly taking this event in
Pua sitting quietly taking this event in
She peeked out of the washer when she heard baby cry. She got up later and didn't want to play or have treats and sat there sniffing and listening. She did eat later though.

a little bloody as she had passed the placenta and was eating it.
Aurora and baby

Possibly the first photo of a tamandua eating her placenta. I put a white towel down when she was done for a nicer place to lay and check for bleeding which she wasn't.
Aurora eating placenta

Baby under arm
Baby under arm

Baby being sat on
Baby being sat on

Baby on board
Baby on board

Aurora eating
Aurora eating
She ate a lot before and after. Making a baby builds up an appetite.


  1. Briarwood Scraps Says:

    WOW!!! That is so awesome! What an incredible experience for your whole house. I'm so happy she had the days of adjustment so that she feels more safe and comfortable in these new surroundings. You are so in tune with everyone and that makes life so much easier! Big hugs to momma Aurora and to princess Pua!

  1. Tom DiVito Says:

    This site is great! It's very cool that you've had a successful birth and that you've shared it with the world!

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