Kat's thing is gone

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Not miraculously gone but we got rid of it. Kat got a good looking over and the vet did a needle biopsy of the lump. Skin tumors in cats are rare and when they do get them they are almost always bad. The needle biopsy showed Kat's lump to be atypical, otherwise known as odd. There were no cancer cells visible just some blood, dead cells and some white cells. She said that almost made it look like an abscess, though unlikely, or a cycst as they tend to die in the middle as they grow and lose blood flow to the center.

She said it for sure should come out and she was able to squeeze in doing that today. Once out it was still odd as it was enclosed in the thin skin cells or connective tissue stuff and was made up of a 1/4 in or so of edema(dead clotting blood cells) with a center of dead cells. She let us see it. Should have had my camera. Was about egg sized. She still thought it looked most like an old abscess though still really odd for one.

It will remain a bit of a mystery since I elected not to have it sent to pathology as I did not for see the results changing anything since we already took it out.

Was a long odd day. We killed some of the time waiting at my aunts house and while we were all in the kitchen talking the glass cover of the kitchen ceiling lamp fell. It was like the size of a ceiling platter and I saw it as I happened to be looking in that direction just drop and shatter all over. At least no one was under it.

Kat is drugged up but doing well. We just need to keep an eye on the area as she would need to go get drained if it fills up with fluid.