Sunbathing with Eldorado

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Make sure you have a snack first

Yummy cheese
Used the treat to get the harness on him.

Still hungry
Still hungry
He just kept begging so he got a little yogurt too. Good thing laundry day is tomorrow.

I used a towel to wipe some of the cheese from his claws and think he tried to play with me just a little bit but he wasn't to sure yet. He was probably wondering along the same lines, "Is this creature trying to pay with me?"

Exploring my room
Exploring my room

Heading out
Heading out

Oh what is that?
Oh what is that?
He kept checking out the leash. He tried grabbing it a couple times but was disappointed it wasn't a treat.

checking out the door
checking out the door

Locate a good spot for sunbathing
He found some wood

Oh this sun feels good
Oh this sun feels good

If you get the urge to sunbath just do it, regardless of location
If you get the urge to sunbath just do it
He rubbed himself on the logs a little too

Sunbathing video


Be sure to spend some time sitting up
He's so pale
He's so pale. I figured the sun would do him good.

Change positions often
More sun bathing

His healing tail tip
His healing tail tip
I think he may have been mauled by a dog. One rescuer said that's very common.

Be sure to expose both side
change positions often when sunbathing

A nap is okay too,
sleepy boy
if you have a spotter to keep you from getting burned

Soon you will have a tan to envy
He liked laying on the wood


  1. Harry and Elspeth Flashman Says:

    Awww he is so cute when he sunbathes!