Eldorado day three

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He likes spray cheese. And been told he like orange juice.

He was acting a little aggressive in the cage so I got the idea to get Pua and show him she didn't think I was so bad. Well she didn't like being pulled from the washer especially to go see him and he didn't care and went to eating.

So when I let him out later she wasn't sound asleep like normal and told him off.

Just after the video she popped out and smacked him on the butt and dropped back in disappearing, like an evil jack in the box. He spun around but saw nothing there. I tossed a towel over him and put him away. As I didn't want him getting me if he was upset.

I suppose it was mostly territorial aggression since he ignored her hissing and growling to warn him. The video doesn't do it justice. She sounds like a dinosaur. Eldorado on the other hand is a very quiet chap.

When I let him out he headed for my bare feet and not trusting his intentions yet I backed off so he followed me. I think he thought it was funny so I got out of his way and put my boots on. We'll all need to learn to trust each other but I didn't want to trust my toes to his claws yet.

After dinner I let him out for a bit before a movie. He came out and went to the outside door but was blocked so went back to my room then went to the living room and checked things out there. He was doing fine but got a whiff of my mom's popcorn and wanted it. Since he would have just dug in it and made a mess I was keeping him away from it. Then he lifted his claw at her, "Give me the popcorn or else" So I put him away.

Cheese in a kong
Cheese in a kong
He pulled it in through the bars.

PS he found the inside of the pocket hammock tonight.