Mommy and Me

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Mom wanted some mommy and me photos in almost matching shirts.

Grampa took the outside ones. She did the inside ones on timer.

She said she wasn't thrilled with them but I don't want her having woken me up for nothin'

I don't want a picnic. It's cold today.

Mommy and me

It's to early for Bloody Marries
Mommy and me

I'm out'a here
Mommy and me

I'm not a baby you know
Mommy and me

Don't make me pinch you
Mommy and me

After dark:

A practice shot But mom doesn't look to bad.
A practice shot

Hair Pulling Might teach her not to wake me up.
Hair pulling

Possibly the best pose
Mommy and me
Mom will need to edit out the zip ties

I think we're done mom
Mommy and me

After my nap:

I don't find this pose flattering on me.
Mommy and me

I posed pretty this time since it was later but mom was getting tired.
Mommy and me

Stuff mom keeps forgetting:


I was nearly eaten by a hunting dog. Some red boned hound came running down the trail at us so mom picked me up and shooed the dog away but I have mom a few pinches because I don't like my walks disturbed.

There is going to be a book about me but it's going to be published in South America so probably in Spanish. Maybe my birth mom will see it. We're also free to market it in the USA but mom's working on it now.

Well this typing thing is hard with claws so that's all for now.


  1. Harry and Elspeth Flashman Says:

    Pua it's very cool that you and your Mum have matching tops and that you are going to be in a book!

    Will it just be about you?

    Even if it is just in Spanish put me down for a copy!

    I also very much hope that you get painted, I love that photo of you so very much.

  1. Pua Says:

    Yes it's all about me but Stewie will be in it too and hopefully my new mate will be here in time so we can have a happy ending. He wants a photo book of my life with commentary.