Anteater showers

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So it's been warm but rainy. I have given in and let Pua run around in the yard at night anyway. I figured she's a rain forest girl she should know what she can handle. so we both go out and we both get soaked. She loves it.

The other night she found a nest of little black ants behind the house and hand a ball but snorted some dirt up her nose. She stopped in the shed when it was pouring and groomed some of the water from her fur and was so soft after.

Well last night she stopped in the shed so I figured I'd stop in with her. I bumped into the wall which made noise and that scared her so she hurried onto the crate. She groomed a bit then decided she was scared still and started crying. So wanting to help out I headed over to her. That just scared her more and she hissed and turned to try and climb the wall.

I let her sniff me but when I tried to pick her up she hissed and tried climbing the wall again. Well that corner for some reason, she'd was here when we moved in, has exposed insulation. She pulled a strip down and took a chunk with her as I carried her back inside. Sat her by the door and she went right in and I tossed that chunk of insulation.

We had taken her for a walk earlier that day and she then got up at 8pm instead of 9 so she was just tired and confused. She had a good nap then was a bit sore when she got up later but worked it out.

In that vein Pua does love a good massage and even gives them.

Hand Massage

Arm massage

It's an important part of anteater culture and bonding, like the hand poking.

Here's a recent post about massage in people.

While healthy fellow is about health in humans it is a good read. A lot of time the info can be used with animals too. Plus you need to keep yourself healthy too. I am very into natural treatments and prevention. It is why Pua eats a natural food mix and not kibble, and is thriving. Just remember to research for yourself any side effects and any known issues and dosages for pets. Like even with Parsley I thought to use it in her food mix but found there were some side effects and possible over dose. That’s why we use spinach or thyme now. Moved to thyme because it has more needed nutrients and also found out it helps prevent worm infestation along with the DE and vinegar she gets.
We also use natural supplaments for my dog's joints. Anyway it's one natural health blog to start learning with.