The Hatching

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A couple buggy chrysalises
A couple buggy crystalises

dug them up when getting ants

From in a chrysalis
From in a crystalis

Apparently Pua had dug it out of the dirt I brought in and got it half opened on the rear, stopping it from developing to it's destiny. But it was destined to be a snack. Pua came over and ate it.

Well I kept that first buried in some dirt in a glass and it hatched

wings still wrinkled
It hatched - wings still wrinkled

It's a bee-fly
It hatched

Next to his Pupal skin
It hatched - next to his crystalis
It hatches into that so it can dig out of the dirt. Then came out the front of that as a fly

Bug in the hand
It hatched - bug in the hand

Cool eyes
It hatched - cool eyes

It hatched

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