Stewie early necropsy/autopsy results

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The results from the gross autopsy/necropsy are back. Such an ugly term but not a pretty subject.
The only problem with his arms was one arm had muscle damage, maybe from when my dad held him the night we cleaned his wounds but it is uncertain as far as tests right now if it is related to the illness or not. His arms were always huge and think that mislead the first vet into thinking they were swollen.
Lots of bleeding from the small and large intestines.
Otherwise he was perfectly healthy. No cuts from ingesting glass, which I was 99.999% sure he didn't. No major inflammation to indicate an infection all his organs looked in perfect condition.
They will be running more in depth tests including some fancy named process where they look at everything on a microscopic level for signs of bacteria or virus. And check for poisons which there should be none.
The options are an infection or a genetic problem that had layed in wait and for some reason reared it's head now. His wounds never looked infected. When ever I cleaned them they actually looked better than any scratch or cut I've ever had. I lean to a genetic auto-immunity disorder. I know of a couple confirmed cases of tamanduas to die from auto-immune issues. Both babies one died from bleeding out and the other after being weaned and lacking any immunity of it's own. That is a rather high rate of auto-immune issues with the small pool of tamanduas and info we have to work with.
But so far all we know is that we don't know. And we will wait and see if the experts find anything.
We also volunteered that the vet school keep his remains if they wish for research and education. So that in death he may help others. And to be honest I dread the idea of having to pick up any remains, even just ashes.