Play session on the night of the 17th

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But first, One cat
With eyes open even
Pua takes Stewie's blood pressure
Those tails come in handy
I'm at a loss for words
You better not take this log from me
Brought home a nice rotten log for them from the park
I love you so much Tree
Stewie rubs on the tree to mark it as his
Living cartoons
Tamandua back ends are just like toon animals are often drawn
I caught you Pua
Lots of poking going on
This looks dirty and inappropriate
keep your hands to yourself Stewie
Stewie poses on his tree
What ya doing, Pua?
Atack through the tree roots
Anteater tail action
No don't touch my face!!!
But you got a smudge, I can wipe it off.
So what are the neighbors up too?
I know I got some mails to answer too. Will try to get to them soon.