Anteater life

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But no pictures, oh my.
Pua's feet are doing great. Some of the dead skin peeled off her foot blister but the skin under it looks good. She's really healing well.
Pua came out this evening tore at a log and joined me on the couch laying half on me half on Hyzzie, Quasi at my feet and Stewie running circles in the living room. So relaxing Pua hugging one hand and Hyzzie using the other as a pillow.
Worst moment of the night, Stewie snuck behind the curtain and pooped. Quasi was discovered trying to dispose of the evidence. He was standing over less than half an anteater poop. Boys can be such brats.
Stewie keeps playing in the cat box but thankfully the new one my dad devised doesn't get tipped over.
It was oddly amusing to the whole family when Stewie was offered a drink then paused after to wipe his mouth with his claws. Can't have a wet face
Pua had cherry baby food and blue cheese but has become such a beggar. We may need to try training her again and see how she takes to it.
I keep waking up to one of my bedroom curtains on the floor, need to adjust them to hang better. I hear the curtain rattling and looked back and Pua was on the rod picking at the hook holding one end. Obviously saintly Pua wouldn't drop the curtains. She was just doing an inspection.
Then she went and joined Stewie on the top "bunk" of the closet. She was complaining about the cover situation and pestering Stewie forcing him to wake and play battle with her so I had to tuck the covers back on the self. Then she cleaned Stewie's ear wit her tongue till he gave in.
Well she just came back, can't decide who to stay with tonight.