end of June summary

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First day home from out trip a husky jumped his fence and bit Quasi he nedded staples but was fine.

6/28 stewie was up to 11 pounds and doing good. He went right for the cage to play as we were putting it back together

concern over Pua's cycle becoming erratic.

happy Photos

Mostly of stewie since he's more active. They hada nice play sesion tonight and Pua's snuggled with me now, poking my thumb.

Fun with Shavings

Stewie found the shavings and knows how to open drawers so let him have them in the cage tray

Cage play

Stewie crawled into the cage as we were still putting it back together. Guess he was happy to be home.

Stewie wakes up

Morning stretch

Mmm Blackberry juice drink

Egg carton fun

Put some blue cheese dressing inside. He likes the dressing. Pua wont touch it only pure blue cheese, tough I can mix it with water for easier slurping up.

Stewie exploring the shop

Looking for trouble

Pause to stratch

Hmm what's this thing

Thinking it over

I think I know what this is

Its a scratching post

On top of the shop play pen

Mid day treat

Blue cheese lid

What you looking at?

Pua gets some blue cheese(large version shows some tongue)

Blue cheese: My thoughts on the fungus filled cheese. Most ant and termite tunnels have some fungus in them and many species even will farm it so it is reasonable they would be attracted to something like that.

filming: there was one day Pua just did not want to work. She had no appetite turned out due to being ready to have a big poop later. So Stewie did that scean but she'll be doing all of the last scean and they shared some of the others.