Orangey fun

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Pua was bored and antsy so gave her an orange

Smells good Now to get it open

Oops got away from me

Got a little hole now
MMMM Slurp slup



  1. c.j.h. Says:

    Very interesting. Did she actually eat the pulp of the orange or did she lick (suck?) out all the juice? I didn't think anteaters (or tamanduas) had teeth....

  1. Tamandua Girl Says:

    She did lick up the pulp. She's done the same to a banana and a kiwi before too. They don't have teeth. Their stomach acts sort of like a gizzard and helps mush things up for them but her claws mush up the fruit quite a bit before hand in order for her to lick it up.

    They say tamanduas are special among anteaters and have vestigial teeth but I looked at the skull pictures and can't see anything so it can't be anything that helps. They also have a vestigial fifth finger like the giants do. You can't see it but I can feel the joints in her hand.