Pua's Log Entery One

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Signs of elegible males in my new neighborhood remain at zero but I continue the search.

I am slowly getting aquainted with this thing called the cat. It doesn't help that the lady of the house refuses to let me pee by her bed. I do snff noses with her on occasion and she seems nicer than those Dog cretures who insist on sharing my room. We seem to have some common interests like having the humans cater to our whims. I seem to be better at it than she is though I wouldn't mind knowing her secret to being allowed to wander the big house at night alone. She has even made some feble atempts at play fighting waving a paw weakly in my dirrection but I do not trust her enough to share any of my fighting moves just yet.

My servant still doesn't know her place and occasionaly locks me in a cage. I will soon have my way I am sure. First I learned to unlatch the cage door then then figured out how to unbolt the door then unlatch it once she started bolting it. But I was foiled when she added padlocks to the cage when they went in to town yesterday. At least I slept through that day but the dogs told me that was the case.

I don't mind my cage as my room but I should be the one choosing when I come and go. To get my point across I went into my cage and into my hommock the other night on my own. After my nap I paced till i got my servants attention. She finaly came over and showed me the door was open. *sigh* I am not so dense that I missed that. I put myself in there, you know. I refused to come out till she brought me my food. She had forgoton that upon waking in my hamock I am served breakfast. This should not matter if it is upon first waking or a nap. But at least we got that sorted even if she does remain a little dense.

I made another recent discovery. they are hiding things in the cat box. I now check periodicly for deposits but have not quite figured out Kat's code. It does not help that one of the dogs occasionaly steals and eats them. Talk about uncivilized!

another spot of intrest is the chair the man sits in. Cat has marked it as hers(with claw scent). I sniff these marking regularly for updates. I'm sure she's planing something.

Now some may have heard this tail but here it is fro my point of view. I was minding my own busness eating my meal when I hear this loud threatening hiss. I was sure the big gray bully(giant anteater) had found me and was going to steal my termite mound again. I hissed back and did a kunfu flip onto my back, claws spread ready to shread him. He never showed however and my servant picked me up and held me till all threat had passed and we practiced a few fight moves before I went back to my meal. Later I heard it through the grape vine that my servant was infact the one that said it. Though her excuse was she was "blowing her nose". Why is it that when learning a new language they always seem to learn the foul words first?

That's all for now But I will try and remember to make enteries more often now that I have access to the computer.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, i hope you got my greeting -bjoern677

  1. c.j.h. Says:


    As far as manipulating your human, try the "looking cute" method. I have employed it to great effect with the humans here.

    Roscoe (using the human's computer)

  1. Tamandua Girl Says:

    That seems to work for the dogs as well, where as the cat just demands what she wants.

    I suppose standing up and waving my arms counts as cute but it's my way of demanding I be given something now. I also find it effective to pace around the bed in the middle of the night till she wakes up and gives me the fresh food I want.