Pua pictures

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I set this box up on top of Pua's cage some time back when she was hanging out up there a lot. She was never really interested. I closed her in for dinner time just as she had climbed up there then came back and found her sleeping, or at least dozing there. She sat up soon as I tried to take a picture.

Tail end of a yawn. This pic makes her look huge.

"Oh good you're finaly back"

Cut off the tip of her nose but I like the expression captured.

And since I had the camera to take some auction pics here's a few more
Pua tried to climb up this wall she normaly comes down but couldn't quite do it.

So she climbed down and went into the closet

Then started up

But she had to get the grip just right

Then she practicly flew up

Her new hang out spot is the closet top shelf and that ledge on the other wall

Made it, hey are you watching me?
She decided to lick this post a bit but mostly she goes up there and grooms herself and just hangs out