Pua Wrestle Mania and bonus pics

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This place was painted to look like a log cabin
My new anteater

Pua in full on battle mode with included springing and leaping shot. I couldn't find any songs I like for this so no fun audio. Bet you didn't know anteaters could leap.

for those who can't or don't want to download the long thing a quick vid of Pua leaping.

Pua got a misting with water so she looks well combed with her claws

Pua holds real tight with that tail

She's taken to poking at my toes when she catches them

Pua attacks the head board thinking my hands on the otherside

A extream close up of Pua scratching herself.

Pua grooming her tail. Just tried the macro setting for a full body but didn't work

A booby shot since there is some curiosity about Pua's nipples

I took a shower and this is where Pua was when I got back
She stayed up there awhile grooming