Pua woke up

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So Pua woke up during the day all on her own and it was nice so took her out to pee. Then she ran around a bit before heading for the toilet so put her on the desk
It's been awhile so she had to find the best way up

Have pictures up there from before so did a video of her set to music the end got a bit messed up but it's Pua in the back of the shop on top of what used to be dressing rooms.

Pua went back into the bathroom but went under the sink this time

Then found her way up
It was a little difficult but with those strong arms she did it

Then she checked out the sink

and I moved the chemicals out of reach

Thinking things over

She decided to try and sleep in the corner

She was having trouble settling in there

Then managed to topple over head first into the sink

Once she recovered she gave it another try
Still trying to make this work

This seems okay

and that makes it perfect

a peek at her before covering her up for the rest of the day though I got her later and brought her back near the heater in her sleep sack