guinea pig frenzy

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Well some wont be as interest in guinea pigs as anteaters but they are here

Read they should be allowed excersise so decided to try them in Pua's cage, after all she's not really using it.

They were cautiouse at first but liked the idea

Only problem was when people came in they of course noticed them then asked where Pua was. Sleeping as always, lol. One lady commented "h you got more critters" but I swear she sounded critticle. The she said "where's the antear did it die?" *Grrr* No she's sleeping in her crate I just hadn't disturbed her yet. So either she's not an exotics as pet fan or thinks I'm some sort of animal horder. I did years of research before getting Pua. If she does die it wont be from lack of proper care. *grumble*

I did hear they don't litter box train but thought it worth a shot. All their pee in their cage was in the corners so if they at least keep the pee in the box then they wont be a problem in this cage.

the little girl was having much more fun in this cage than the boy was. she's still running around and he's since went to bed.

He was most interested in the litter box at first probably due to having familiar scent since I scooped some soiled shavings from their cage to encourage them

Oh boy the treat stick's back

The big guy in mid turn

This was so exciting they both puffed way up

Video of the girl running around like crazy

then I gave them weeds the girl came running right over and started munching before they were even all the way in.


He ate the stem but left the flower head. The flower head is Jupiter's favorite part.

The girl ate the flower head he left