Pua's Daily Walk

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I carry her down to the parking lot of the drive through coffee since there is a little garden area.
I like her hsadow on this one

She tried to trick me this time by heading to her pee spot then turning right around to head for the shop.

But I wasn't fooled so she had to go back.

She did it this time but them leapt over that board so I had to follow

Heading down the sidewalk to the shop

Happy to be going "home"

I open the door for her and she walks right in the heads for the back. She always squats and crawls under the cage instead of around.

She is determined and knows right where she wants to go

The bathroom though she had a breif moment of secodn thoughts that dayShe always wants to hide behind the toilet but I don't like that.

So I put her on her bucket

"Hey I never noticed this before"

"Hmm kind of dusty"

"But I'm to tired to check it out"

So I took her harness off so she could relax awhile then I bring her out front later.