Pua Fight

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It started out peacefully enough
She crawled up onto the head board and just sat there and I pet her a bit and she groomed me

She acted like she might just settle in up there leaning on the windowsill. She had a good dinner already so had a nice round belly.

then she started swatting at me and it trned into a wrestle match and duel of claws.

Video of Pua fight 1
Video of Pua fight 2

Unfortunatly those videos came out to dark really but we do have pictures too

Such a nice big belly. she's only gained a few ounces though as after a poop and a pee she was only 8 pounds 10 oz and she used to be 8 pounds 5 oz. That's all food.

She was trying to cheat and grab me down through the bars of the head board.

I'll get you this time lady.
Oh wait time out. I got an itch.

Think I main need a nap after all

Pua Yawning Video

Nope I'm all refreshed take your best shot.

Ha! I got you now. I finely got... hay, wait a minute...Yes she grabbed her own tail thinking it was me and wrestled with it awhile before she figured it out

Yeah but I was uh, distracted by an itch, yeah.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    The 2006 Archives page is really screwed up. Many of the photos are missing and the ones on the right hand side of the page show only about 1/4 of the photo.

    Looking at the old photos of Pua, I can see how much she's grown. You've restored her health, that's why!

    Did/do you have any 'homecoming' photos of Pua, and of Stewie? It would be interesting to see what they looked like on the day they first came to you.

  1. Tamandua Girl Says:

    I just did away with the template so will fix things getting cut off. Guess I can't have my pages look nice. I wouldn't know what links are broken to fix those though.

    We got Pua July 2006 so first part of July has her coming home.