Doctor Pua

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SO was trying to listen to Pua's insides tonight and she thought the stethiscope looked fun. I did hear her heart and tummy gurgles, and her tongue thumping inside as she ate, and a purr!

She also thought the ear peices were fun to stick her tongue into.

"Earwax yummy"okay did cheat on that pic but it would have looked like that if those shots hadn't gotton cut off in weird places.

Well she was extra friskey tonight and seemed a bit bored so tried some honey in a kong. She liked the idea.
This hole isn't big enough for my nose

This worked good since she couldn't claw the honey all over.

How do you open this little hive?

Maybe I can pull the opening with my claws

She kept sticking her tongue out the other end but missed the shot
That spot on her elbow is an old scar she came with.

Ew that doesn't smell like food or treals to me

Lamb lung much better

and someone please tell Pua licking between my toes tickles!