Oh so Scary

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Pua was tired and hungery but scared and clung to the laptop for security
She heard Hyzzie play growling in the other room. She has been snarked at my Hyzzie so knows that sound means a scary dog is brandishing her teeth at someone. Hyzzie then came in with a sock wanting to play.

Quasi is not fond of that noise either.

Poor poo was tired. She normaly ignores Hyzzie but seemed pretty upset this time.

So she got put where she was safe and fed there.

Potty habbits
Finding a place to poop. She tried jupiter's litter box but with the new location there were to many dogs and people with cameras walking by. I blanked out Jupiter's litter box cuz it looks bad but one day and the thing's full.

I saw her go under this chair in the closet and perch on the chair. That's when I noticed there was some poop there from before and put the pad down under her then cleaned it all up. Keeping a pad there from now on.
A good poop always helps her appetite
Then she explored
One of my blankets fell on the floor last night and she peed there instead of going all the way to her cage but she has been going back in there to pee. In fact I made her walk in the yard today(she's be coming a recluse and likes inside better) and she wouldn't pee but when I let her back in she went into her cage and peed on the pad.

In other news we went to the casino and I won 70 more than I came with :) and Pua didn't appear to have freaked out this time at being left. Ate some of the left food and peed on her pad. But she was happy to see me and tired from having worried.