okay so it's not about me

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Changed the name of my blog since it's not about me. It's more of a photo album scrap book mostly.

so bunny was a naughty bunny. Eww. He's been hiding this under the cushion till he left it flipped over this morning. For those who aren't sure yes that's normal bunny pee color. Guess I'll have to try filling the top with litter now too.
Okay a cute bunny pic to make up for that :P
Might make a seperate blog for more spersonal stuff seperate from the scrap book, hmm


  1. Fox Says:

    ohh mine that really not good ~shakes and brings his tail to his nose~ "that just not right lol and yea I was reading on youre other post about getting the alive animals in lol well I hope they sell fast...


  1. Tamandua Girl Says:

    No those mice are for food and will be frozen unless someone special orders then they could pic them up the day after I pick them up but might charge .80 each instead of .75 hey might encourage them to buy frozen since that's healthier anyway.

    Only live thing I have is the crickets and I'm still finding some of tyhe escapees.

  1. Fox Says:

    lol ohh ok sorry for thinking alive mic ~giggles~